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ServerEngines LLC was founded by RAJU VEGESNA in June 2003.

ServerEngines designs and develops application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and associated software used by large computer OEMs to develop enterprise server computer systems.

The company has a world-class engineering team with in-depth experience in ASIC development, networking, and high-speed computing environments.

Headquarter in Sunnyvale, California, with design centres in Sunnyvale and in Austin, Texas, Server Engines has developed several ASICs which will enable the next generation architecture for enterprise computing. Several of these devices are currently in production and are designed into multiple platforms at several large server OEMs.

ServerEngines currently employs 160 employees. The company is self-funded with initial capital funding of over $40 Million.

ServerEngines is incorporated in the state of Delaware, with offices in Sunnyvale, California; Austin, Texas and Hyderabad, India.

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